OceanDive - the cream of ocean 3D screensavers!

There is a huge amount of various 3D screensavers available on the market. Many of them are well worth recommending; indeed truly beautiful, with aquarium, fish tank, coral reef or shark themes. However, for the most part these screensavers are non-interactive, they offer very little beyond a few scenes where the camera position is set. All you can do is just sit and watch.

Enter OceanDive - the unique combination of a 3D ocean screen saver and an underwater exploration game!

Now you take control of the camera! Set on to explore the caves, the ancient ruins, or the abandoned vessel. Marvel at the wealth of the ocean, follow the octopus or the ray fish along its way, but remember - watch out for the sharks! With tens of thousands of square feet of photo-realistic ocean floor to explore, this 3D screensaver is the next best thing to real scuba diving. A former navy scuba diver testing OceanDive even reported that after several minutes of exploring, his breath rate had slowed and deepened as if he was really in the middle of an ocean dive...

Download and test OceanDive for free. See whether you like it, see whether our claims about its beauty and uniqueness are true. We believe that you will will want to purchase and unlock the full version of our 3D screen saver to access additional locations and the complete exploration game.

NO Spyware, NO Adware!   Guaranteed

For best experience, we recommend:

- Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
- CPU 1.0+ GHz
- 64 MB video card with up to date drivers, DirectX 9 installed
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