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June 1st, 2005: Scuba Diving Screensaver and Exploration Game

SCS Software has released OceanDive, a Windows 3D screensaver and scuba diving exploration game that immerses you in the undersea world of the living ocean. Unlike most underwater screensavers, which are limited to a small fish tank, OceanDive's world is very large and lifelike. OceanDive uses a state-of-the-art 3D graphics engine, and delivers stunning effects, fluid animations, and true freedom of movement in the underwater realm of 10,000 square feet of ocean floor.

Your computer screen comes alive with the sights of the world beneath the waves. Enjoy a journey through the eyes of a scuba diver, and see stunning sub-marine vistas, shoals of fish, a living coral reef, and much more. OceanDive's exploration game gives you the freedom to explore the underwater secrets that hide out of reach, behind the next canyon or inside the undersea caves.

OceanDive paints you into a beautifully realized, living, breathing 3D environment. The photorealistic seascape includes awesome surface special effects. As you swim through the ancient ruins, a sunken vessel, a coral reef, and underwater canyons and grottos, you might be startled by a shark, turtle, octopus, clownfish, or any one of dozens of lifelike, exotic species.

The free trial version of OceanDive has no time limit, no expiration date, and absolutely no adware or spyware. The trial version gives you 9 underwater scenes. When you purchase OceanDive for $19.99(US), you get an underwater exploration game, and a completely new set of scenes. You can go for an ocean dive, swim around freely in exploration mode, and search for treasure to unlock up to 30 exciting new underwater scenes.

Whether you're a parent or teacher who wants to expose children to the mystery and magic of life in the ocean, a computer enthusiast who likes to have the most sophisticated software, or a scuba diving fan who wants a personalized computer that reflects your hobbies and interests, OceanDive will bring to life mesmerizing images on your computer screen.

OceanDive requires Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, a PC running at 1.0+ GHz, a modern video card with 64 MB of memory and up-to-date drivers, and DirectX 9. The program also runs on less powerful machines if you turn off some of the advanced graphical effects. For more information, contact SCS Software, 23 Jana Masaryka, Prague 2, 120 00, Czech Republic. Internet: http://www.oceandive.com/ Email: oceandive@oceandive.com

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About SCS Software:

Since 1999, SCS Software has been developing and marketing home entertainment software for Windows users. In addition to OceanDive, the company also develops a line of "18 Wheels of Steel" truck simulation games; and "Hunting Unlimited," a series of hunting simulations.

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