OceanDive shark screensaver - dive with sharks every day!

Do you want to swim with sharks without getting wet? Do you want to experience the thrill of encountering these magnificent predators from the safety of your own desk? With OceanDive, you can! This stunningly realistic shark screensaver will make you feel like you're in the deep, dark ocean, slowly making your way past shoals of colourful fish and mysterious sunken vessels. Just as you're starting to become completely enthralled by this magical underwater world, a silent shadow will appear - and you'll realise that this is your first encounter with a shark.

OceanDive is no ordinary shark screensaver. This unique combination of a 3D screensaver and an underwater exploration game is bound to have you hooked in no time at all, and you'll soon be telling yourself that you're only going to spend a few more minutes exploring the caves, admiring the fish and watching out for the sharks! Scuba diving has never been safer or drier, but be warned - with this shark screensaver, you'll soon want to plunge headfirst into your monitor!

With tens of thousands of square feet of photo-realistic ocean floor to explore, this shark screensaver really is the next best thing to scuba diving. Download is free - and when you buy the full version, you get new scenes and a complete exploration game ! You can scout the underwater environment and enjoy the lifelike 3D fish with complete freedom of movement. When you find new areas, you can open yet more screensaver ocean scenes as a reward.

NO Spyware, NO Adware!   Guaranteed

For best experience, we recommend:

- Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
- CPU 1.0+ GHz
- 64 MB video card with up to date drivers, DirectX 9 installed
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