OceanDive Customer Testimonials

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Your OceanDive Team at SCS Software

"WOW, I just bought the 3D Oceandive screensaver, it is soooo cool that it really feels like scuba diving I can't leave this thing alone!!! Thanks so much for the Best graphics in the World..."

Rick S.

"This is really a great program. Looking forward to future upgrades."

Robert B.

"Thank you very much for your concern and not installing adware/spyware in your software. As far as the screensaver goes -- It's great."

Ray T.

"i enjoyed watching and playing around with oceandive very much, since it is a quite immersive experience. kudos to the folks who made it!"

H. R.

"I am impressed with [OceanDive] and was interested to see what else your company is doing. Thanks"

Johnathon C.

"Just a line to say I am very impressed by your program. It is lovely. I scubadive and have dived in Egypt extensively. Really brings it back. Marvelous."

Lyvia Ch.

"I really like OceanDive. Its great as a screensaver and a lot of fun to roam around. Just wanted to make sure you knew what a great product it is."

Justin B.

"My best screensaver yet"

Arie van W.

"Thanks, and it is a very cool product!"

Kelly J. G.

"I downloaded oceandive on to my computer and I like it very much."

Marie T.

"I would like to let you know that your program, OceanDive, is quite good. I find it very relaxing and I have introduced it to friends who have found it fascinating. They are amazed, in particular, by the Atlantis sequence. You are really quite creative."

Paul D.-M.

"The screens are very beautiful! Thanks!"


"Excellent reply techsupport, Please forward this to your managers, as a job well done!"

Jim B.

"Thanks for the quick answer... and thanks to the whole team for the great job on the product!!!! I'm looking forward to purchasing and enjoying!"

Lawrence S. F.

"I have downloaded the mouse driver that you told me and installed it. I have now been working for about 3 hours [...] and it has not closed a program evef since (touch wood!!) So after so much work for you and your programmers I think that you have indeed found it!"

Marta R.

"I finished my diving days years ago. I sure miss it. Your program "Ocean Diving Adventure" looks great for me to reminise about my "good ole days"."

Wayne N.

"I just purchased Ocean Dive and its great I could sit and watch for hours. "

Janet S.

"I absolutely love it very nicely done and unique. All an all it is great and I love the concept. The best thing is that I can run it at work and when bored I can take a diverted adventure and no one would be the wiser. Thank you for your time and quick response."

David A. C.

"I purchased the Ocean Dive Screensaver and it is great."

Cal N.

"I'd have to say that it's the best under water screensaver that I've seen."

John W.

"Quite the screensaver it is. Can't wait to see what else your team comes up with next. Any plans for new products? Once more, thanks."

Mark A. H.

"I just purchased your program and love it. Great concept and graphics."

David S.

"I recently purchased your Ocean Dive software. Very nice job on it."

Jim S.

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate it!"

Kevin H.

"Thank you also for your advice. I have just upgraded to 256 MB, and Radeon 9550. It has made a big difference in most things. I believe Ocean Dive runs that much better than it did. Thank you for the tips of knowledge."

Robert M.

"Thank you for your quick response... We found that it was indeed my firewall that was causing the problem... I have successfully download a "paid" version and I look forward to enjoying this new screen saver."

Wally G.

"Ahhh, my friend. Your long shot paid off. I changed that [DEP] setting last week with the thought of making my computer safer. Thank you so much! As I expected your software is awesome and I must purchase it . You're the Man!! Give youself the day off and say, "there goes another happy customer!" You're awesome!"

Robert M.

"The graphics are great, the scenes awesome. Thank You!"

P. J. S.

"The whole experience is very nice! Great sound and nice movement! "

Kelvin B.

"Thank You for your help, I have resolved the problem. I really enjoy the program. Thanks again."

Pat L.

"OceanDive is fantastic. Allowing the operator to swim brought back my snorkling days. Thanks again for your help"

Bob L.

"I have purchased full version and am extremely happy with it. The concept of integrated screensaver and game is very good and very enjoyable. I have 12 screenshots for desktop wallpaper and am enjoying getting more as I unlock new areas. Thank you for a well thought out and written program."

Robert L.

"Got the full version... and love it! I think Ocean Dive is astounding! I can honestly say that OceanDive has the most realistic graphics that I've had on my computer to date. You have quite the diving simulator in the making here. Oceandive is so close that I noticed after "exploring" awhile my breath rate had slowed and deepend, as it has before when I've actually gone diving. I particularly liked the Ruins and cliff areas as they felt the most real with darker/less visibility water and the cliff's much deeper depths. As someone with a great affinity for the underwater, and yet, the inability to enjoy it for some time, I have to say this brings back the serene atmosphere I felt while diving in the past. May God bless you for your hard work making Oceandive so good."

Philip R.

"OceanDive: A Fantastic Product! Congratulations on a fantastic product guys! The best screensaver I've ever seen."

Gary S.

"Delighted to make the purchase. It is a fine and interesting program. Congratulations to you and all your design team. I am happy to support creativity and genius and besides, I love the ocean. Once more, thank you for helping me get the program working."

Mark A. H.

"I have always been a huge fan of your game "shark!", so i was really excited to play this new game and help support what you are doing. i still play "shark!" every week. it's my favorite computer game. and once again i'm very impressed and i'm having a great time playing around with "ocean dive". so i wanted to say congratulations to all those involved in the product, and show my support of what you're doing."

Christopher B.

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