Tropical fish screensaver - dive into your own private ocean!

Let OceanDive transport you from the dry and dreary world of your computer desk! Dive with tropical fish in the ocean, explore undersea caves, and marvel at the wonderful world beneath the sea with this realistic tropical fish screensaver. With tens of thousands of square feet of photo-realistic ocean floor to explore at your own pace, OceanDive is as close to scuba diving as you can get whilst sitting at your own desk!

OceanDive is a screensaver with animated, swimming fish of every conceivable kind. As you make your way through this submarine vista, you will come across clownfish, zebra fish, angelfish, stingrays and sharks. As well as tropical fish, you will find yourself intrigued by a sunken vessel and ancient ruins. Discover how easy it is to lose yourself in the magical world of the sea!

The free version of this swimming fish screensaver has no expiration date and no time limit. When you buy the full version, you will receive additional underwater scenes, and the screensaver will be converted to an exciting underwater exploration game! Download today, and dive into your own private ocean with OceanDive!

NO Spyware, NO Adware!   Guaranteed

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For best experience, we recommend:

- Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
- CPU 1.0+ GHz
- 64 MB video card with up to date drivers, DirectX 9 installed
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